Sunwise Media

A full service television production company that produces, syndicates, and manages advertising sales for all of its programs. Creatingvinnovative content and brands marketing to minority- targeted African-American, Latino and Multicultural consumers: the ALM market.

Industry Mavens

A web based community connecting independant producers, writers, and talent to Industry Professionals with decades of experience in the entertainment industry by the hour online and in person.



Launching 2018 – Holiflix is a niche Film Studio that focus is creating compelling classic holiday content that is monetized across multiple platforms including but not limited to Broadcast, Digital Video, Podcast, Live, and Interactive all designed to stand the test of time and be repurposed yearly as event perennial content.

About Sunwise Media

Launched in January of 2017 by Ri-Karlo Handy is a multi-platform media company focused on the multicultural market. Bridging the intersection of content and branding in the ever-shifting distribution landscape. The company is perfectly positioned to capitalize on the explosive growth in media consumption by African-American, Latino and Multicultural consumers: the ALM market.

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